Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is an opportunity for upperclassmen to build their communication and leadership skills and for underclassmen to learn what it takes to be a successful student, engineer, leader, professional and a lot more. We will have a group of committed mentors who will be assigned 1-2 mentees to create a symbiotic mentorship family that will be able to take part in events and networking opportunities targeted towards these groups.

Role as a Mentor

As a mentor, you will be assigned 1-2 mentees based on your experience and the number of registered mentees. Your primary role will be to communicate with your mentees to help them with their resumes and coops, and give them professional advice and your insight into the fields of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). In order to participate in this program as a mentor, your class standing should be Pre-Junior, Junior or Senior. Additionally, we will be conducting a brief informal interview to make sure that you are committed to this program and are willing to dedicate time to help your mentees. These interviews will be conducted starting from Week 7 and once you get your application in, you would be contacted by our team with more details. Register here.

Role as a Mentee

As a mentee, you will be interacting with your mentors (and fellow mentees if you have any) to gain the experience necessary to become successful in terms of your abilities to communicate professionally, act as a leader both in the classroom setting and otherwise, and gain insight into the world of IEEE. In order to participate in this program as a mentee, your class standing should ideally be Freshman or Sophomore, but we will accept applications from other class standings and transfer students. Register here.

Benefits of Joining this Program

As a mentor or mentee of the IEEE Mentorship Program, you will be invited to events specifically organized for you such as recruiting events and talks from various companies around Philadelphia, resume-building workshops, IEEE sponsored mentorship dinners and early registration to our workshops and events. Our aim is to have a balance of work and play – with fun bowling nights for the mentorship teams to serious skill-building events. We will also have special prizes for you if you participate in our regular events (like IEEE Gaming Nights and DragonHacks) in your mentorship teams. At the end of the year, we will pick the mentorship group which was the most active and showed the most growth and we will award them with something special. And if all this is not enough, we will also have free t-shirts for you!

If all of these things sound exciting to you, please submit your registration information as soon as possible! We will be enrolling you on a first come first serve basis so get those applications in this week. The Mentor interviews will start Week 7 of this term and we will be kick starting the whole program in Spring Quarter.

For any questions, please feel to reply to this email or reach out to our officers Joe ( or Mannika (, who will be heading this program.