What’s in it for me


Why go?

The General Body meetings will be very informative, and will contain information regarding upcoming events and competitions, how to get more involved, social outings, networking opportunities, scholarship opportunities, and more. We will be able to create events based upon student interest, so come and let us know what you want from IEEE! Also there will be pizza or pretzels!


What’s in it for me?

IEEE is a renown, well-known community and an excellent organization that offers so many various opportunities that we can take advantage of as engineering students. IEEE had its very first meetings in Philadelphia, and was founded here. Today IEEE is the standard in publications and engineering regulations worldwide. It is overarching and infused in the entire engineering community, and to be involved is very respected nationally.


Students can benefit by:

  • Learning new technical skills not taught in classes, like HTML, Raspberry Pi, soldering (can be listed on your resume and useful for coop)
  • Being able to talk about how you are involved in IEEE on co-op interviews (something impressive to talk about!)
  • Taking on leadership roles/becoming an officer (can even be listed on your resume)
  • Being invited to expensive IEEE dinners for free
  • Going to fun social events like bowling or gaming
  • Taking part in competitions and hackathons
  • Networking with professionals
  • Funding for independent projects. Speaking of a fund, if you need quick cash to fund a project, why not try this out financenut.co.uk. All you need is to fill up their 5-minute online application.
  • Special research opportunities and connections with ECE professors (many are members of the IEEE Philadelphia Section)
  • Mentoring- Helpful advice from older members on which classes to take and what coops are the best
  • Trips to conferences and competitions
  • Opportunities for scholarships
  • Being involved on campus and getting the most out of being an ECE student
  • Introducing engineering to younger kids (can talk about in interviews)
  • Making new friends
You do not have to pay a membership fee to come to meetings, only to get further involved in competitions, dinners, and scholarships.